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About Us

About R Ventures Foundation

Founded in 2017, R Ventures Foundation ( KVK No: 69234337, in Amsterdam , Netherlands ) is focused on the intersection of refugees and entrepreneurship. We believe that Refugees and displaced persons can help catalyse a new era of job creation and integration. The idea was conceived at TedxZaventem, where Mr. Shantanu Prakash, a member of the Global Futures Council on Migration at World Economic Forum (WEF) gave a talk about refugee entrepreneurship . We have been working closely with various think tanks, policy makers, corporations, educational institutions and foundations including, MediaTenor, Linklaters, Ameria and The City of Heidelberg. Our vision is to recognize the inherently entrepreneurial qualities of refugees, thereby supporting the creation of sustainable global businesses by providing seed capital and mentorship to Refugee Led Organizations (RLO's) and Refugee Impact Organizations (RIO's).

Our Goal
To catalyse the entrepreneurial qualities inherent in refugees and displaced persons and help create sustainable global businesses by providing seed capital and mentorship to refugee led organizations (RLO's) and refugee impact organizations(RIO's).
Why Refugee

Refugees have mostly been singled out in terms of help leaving them at bottom of the labour market. We believe that refugees are fundamentally entrepreneurs because of the struggle and the challenges that they have faced in their lives. Not only do they have amazing characteristics of risk-taking, resilience, flexibility, creativity but also the ability to start from zero – All highly prized entrepreneurial qualities.