R Ventures Forum
Auditorium Friedrichstrasse,
Berlin, Germany
22 June 2018
9 am - 5 pm


R Ventures forum is a unique platform bringing stakeholders together to address Refugee and Migration Challenge.

Together we hope to discuss, debate, inspire each other and drive home tangible solutions.

Our mission is to inspire refugees to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities by enabling access to capital and ecosystem, which will facilitate their business development.

Apply to Attend

Ali Aslan


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Dr. Henrik Syse

Nobel Peace Prize Committee

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Mayssoun Azzam

Journalist, Al Arabiya

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Anne Lauvergeon

Anne Lauvergeon, Founder & CEO, ALP

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Nicole Huber

City Manager, Heidelberg

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Pieter Riemer

Partner, Linklaters

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Albrecht Metter

Managing Director, Ameria

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Thimo V Schmitt-Lord

CEO, BAYER Foundation

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Roland Schatz

CEO, MediaTenor

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Shantanu Prakash

Founder, R Ventures Foundation

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Kunal Sachdeva

Global Chief Digital Advisor (EMEA), Microsoft

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Mursal Hedayat

Founder, Chatterbox

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Sina Azizi

Founder, Future Invest

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Omar Alshafai

Co-Founder, BureauCrazy

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Apoorva Mittal

Writer / Blogger

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Daniela Kaisth

Founder, Gratias Partner

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Dr. Christian Trippe

Deutsche Welle

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Ahmad Sufian Bayram


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Archish Mittal

Executive Director, R Ventures Foundation

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Lee Mannion

Social Enterprise Correspondent, Thomson Reuters Foundation

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Opening Address: Archish Mittal, Executive Director, R Ventures Forum

Conference Moderator: Ali Aslan, TV Presenter and Journalist

Keynote: Dr. Henrik Syse, Nobel Peace Prize Committee

1. Challenges of Refugee/Migrant Entrepreneurs
Moderator: Archish Mittal

Sina Azizi, Future Invest
Ahmad Sufian Bayram, Techstars
Omar Alshafai, BureauCrazy
Mursal Hedayat, Chatterbox

2. Private sector involvement to Promote Integration
Moderator: Daniela Kaisth, Gratias Partners

Albrecht Metter, Founder, Ameria
Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord, CEO, Bayer Foundation*
Nachson Mimran, TO Foundation
Anne Lauvergeon, CEO, ALP
Announcement - Launch of R Ventures Program / Culture

3. Policy Makers take on integration
Moderator: Ali Aslan, TV Presenter and Journalist

Nicole Huber, City Manager, Heidelberg
Independent Diplomat
Sana A Mustafa, Network For Refugee Voices
Pieter Riemer, Linklaters

4. Role of Media: Shaping the Narrative
Moderator: Lee Mannion, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Peter Limbourg, DG, Deutsche Welle
Matt Pickles, BBC
Mayssoun Azzam, Al Arabiya
Apoorva Mittal, Blogger

Closing Remarks: Raza Ibrahim, Director, R Ventures Forum


R Ventures Foundation is an organisation focussed on promoting integration of refugees in the host country by way of education & entrepreneurship. The idea was conceived at TedxZaventem, where Mr. Shantanu Prakash, member of Global Futures Council on Migration at World Economic Forum (WEF) gave a talk about refugee entrepreneurship. We have closely been working with several think tanks, policy makers, corporations, educational institutions and foundations including MediaTenor, Netherlands Business Academy (NLBA), Invictus Capital, Mentally Fit Institute (MFI) and Gratias Partners to formulate a solid approach to promote entrepreneurship among refugees. We are also devising techniques in order measure the impact of such businesses on the economy and contribution to UN SDG’s.