New Beginnings Incubator Program

Business plan

Post-completion of the program, participants will be ready with a well-thought-out,practical, and a commercially viable business plan

In addition, participants would also be encouraged to develop a MVP or an early prototype during the program

Technical skills

Participants would have a basic understanding of skills required to build an organization such as finance, marketing, accounting, recruitment, etc.

Legal & compliance

Participants would be well versed with relevant legal requirements and compliance procedures that they need to understand to incorporate their company and run day-today business


Every graduate will have a designated mentor who would be an experienced entrepreneurs/industry expert to coach and guide them


Every graduate will become a part of a peer-to-peer networking community which would provide them critical industry networking opportunities enabling knowledge transfer and improved understanding of their target markets

Case Studies

By the end of the program, participants would have worked on several case studies from premier institutions such as Harvard

Aimed at providing necessary support, guidance, and hand holding to entrepreneurs during the initial stages of their journey
  • Location: Heidelberg, Germany
  • Cohort size: 15-20 participants
  • Program duration: 12 weeks
  • Facilities offered
    1. Office space including utilities, internet, meeting rooms, etc.
    2. Shared services - attorneys, accountants, HR
    3. Mentorship
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